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Evaluation not only measures the progress and achievement of the learners but also the effectiveness of the teaching materials and methods used for transaction. Hence, evaluation should be viewed as a component of curriculum with the twin purpose of effective delivery and further improvement in the teaching learning process. Effective evaluation is possible with the complete knowledge on how a child’s learning can be assessed on a regular and holistic basis.

The diploma in Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) by SOE, TD will instill in trainees the techniques for effective school based evaluation. The program will make trainees an expert in continuous and comprehensive evaluation and they will be well prepared for assessing the scholastic as well as co-scholastic areas of learning. The trainees will learn unique methods for continuous and comprehensive evaluation and will become familiar with the use of a range of tools for this kind of evaluation. With the knowledge and application of CCE in schools, trainees can take a more proactive role in improving the overall capacity of school to work towards students’ performance. Gaining an expertise on CCE would help in arriving at basic principles to guide teaching and learning practices in schools. It will help educators to shift emphasis from students’ testing to students’ learning. The effort of SOE to provide pioneering training in form of diploma program on CCE is a major breakthrough that attempts to elevate the status of the schools in assessing the attainment levels of the students and in diagnosing the improvement needs in teaching-learning process.