Diploma in Multiple Intelligences in Classroom and Blooms Taxonomy

Diploma program on Multiple intelligences in Classroom and Blooms taxonomy is an exclusive training program launched by SOE TD for preparing experts on the use of multiple intelligences and blooms taxonomy in schools.

Using Blooms six levels of thinking, teachers can engage their students in high order of thinking that makes the lessons and activities more exciting and challenging. On the other hand, application of multiple intelligences allows teachers to provide different ways of engaging children in learning. SOEs diploma course on Multiple Intelligences and Blooms Taxonomy will help teachers to come to regard to intellectual ability more broadly. It can allow them to plan authentic learning based on students’ needs, interests and talents.

It is important for every school to have a teaching staff that is well trained on the use of multiple intelligences and blooms taxonomy as the overall performance of students is based on these two approaches of learning. The training program on MI and BT can also be called learning enhancement program. MI and BT training urges a rethinking of how teachers should approach subjects and topics for enhancing students’ learning. Being trained on the use of MI and BT, teachers can successfully prepare unit lessons, work effectively on low order as well as high order of thinking skills and planning different activities based on MI and BT. The training on MI and BT will prepare teachers to use grid matrix for planning curriculum and doing comprehensive assessment. It will expose them to a range of thinking tools such as X Y W chart, LDC, TAP, concept map, mind map, KWLH, PMI chart, SOWC, etc. Planning an effective curriculum is the prime responsibility of teachers and MI and BT help teachers in planning a curriculum that has the characteristics of quality, depth and rigour.