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Diploma in CCE (Postal)

Our professional correspondence diploma program offers our students the freedom and time to acquire CCE training and diploma that they might otherwise be unable to receive. Distance Studies is available to anyone in any country around the world. Tutors guide students through course material, which students study at home in their own time. Many students make use of e-mail to correspond with tutors and all students have the facility to interact with the tutors through the discussion forum and chat facility on our website.
The course materials guide him/her through and at the end of each module; the student is required to submit an assignment, which is subsequently evaluated and graded. The distance learning course can be started at any time (in other words, there is no specific beginning to the academic year) but however there will be due dates for submission of assignments (within 30 days of dispatch of assignments). Once the student has completed an assignment, it must be clearly marked and sent (via post, or e-mail) to respective tutor, who will mark it and notify the grade and any comments that the tutor may have.
The course does not have a final exam. Once all six assignments and two test papers are completed, the student will receive a diploma, which reflects an average of all the grades you have achieved. In other words, the abilities are assessed by continuous evaluation of the work. The Diploma certificate will be issued to students who complete the course and have a pass grade in both test papers, within one month of completion of course. We believe that this is by far the most up-to-date and most comprehensive distance-learning course in CCE teaching methods available anywhere in the world.
Students are allowed three months to one year to complete the course. On average, students complete the course in six months by putting in 1-hour study per day. However, the course may be done on a fast track mode and completed in 3 months, too. The course automatically expires at the end of one year from the date of joining. Extension of 6 months may be given under special circumstances, and subject to an extension fee.
Followed up by observation and training in a proper CCE environment this course will equip the learner to work in, or coordinate/administer the CCE school on his/her own. As a supplement to the course, we offer workshops in various Cities, to demonstrate the CCE tools. Details of the workshop would be put up on the website by 30th of January each year.

Diploma in CCE (Online)
Online Studies is available for the first time to anyone in any country around the world. Students download course material via the Internet and tutors guide them through course material. This program includes all the literature and instructional materials needed to complete the course. Students make use of email to submit assignments and correspond with tutors. We have a chat facility at fixed times, and you could interact with your personal tutor during that time. You could also interact with other students and faculties by posting comments and statements on the discussion forum so that other participants and the faculty could comment on your observations.         
The course aims to train people, in the comfort of their own homes, without pressure, at their own pace, the skills of teaching young children in the CCE method for the 21st Century. Upon enrolling, you are assigned a personal tutor, whom you may contact (by fax, phone, or E-mail: mypersonaltutor@educatorstraining.in ) if you require any advice or assistance.). The course content, eligibility and criteria for award of Diploma remain same as that of the Postal course.  

We organizes one month long observation and training to deserving students, in reputed Schools in India, as part of the curriculum of the regular course. 

The superb, curriculum manuals are prepared, with the guidance of the instructor, to become your lifetime teacher resource guide.  

The Diploma is awarded on satisfactory completion of the course, which is assessed by:  6 Assignments and 2 test papers.
Passing marks must be obtained on written tests conducted by the Examiners. Admission to the training course does not guarantee certification. The examination may only be taken twice. The diploma will help you to get a job in India and around the world.  

Most of the students who pass out find immediate employment, on their own, either in the schools where they intern or in schools in their home towns. The demand for CCE trained teachers is large and even ordinary schools prefer to take CCE qualified teachers for their school. We have a placement cell, which assists students in finding suitable employment around the globe. Interested candidates may register their name for placements in India and abroad.