Diploma for Practicing & Aspiring Principals - A professional training program for school principals, Administrators, Coordinators and teachers

The School Leadership Program is a first transformative, Diploma program to inculcate school principals with leadership training and practical tools required to foster better performance of their teachers and students.

The program's objective is to provide school principals with the skills and tools required to become the leaders needed to transform school education.

The School Leadership Program will train school principals to

·         Value their educational vocation and critical role in society
·         Become inspirational role models
·         Foster outstanding teacher performance
·         Expect much from each and every student
·         Provide tools for children to achieve at their full potential

SOE's commitment to launch a principal training program was inspired by four factors:

·         There were no programs that specifically trained principals;
·        The difficulty of highly motivated teachers, who have sought extra training, to perform better due to the poor quality of management skills and commitment of principals;
·         The need for a support network of highly motivated, well-trained principals convinced that the school must play a key role in transforming society;
·         The availability of content and guidance from School of educators mentors for Schools, arguably one of the most effective principal training organizations in the world.