More than 200 formative assessment list date wise assigned mapped to curriculum from class I- class X shall be provided within the course. All the formative assessments shall be linked with blooms taxonony and Multiple Intelligence. A sample for class X for FA 1 is provided. Total of 40 ( FA 1-4 for class 1-10 ) shall be provided.
FA 1.pdf [67.21K]

For all the formative assessments different rubrics have been designed for the proper and scientific assessment of students. All the 200+ rubrics shall be provided with the Diploma.
Download Speech Rubric

Syllabus is bifurcated according to the formative assessment and chapters are assigned to each of formative assessment. You shall be provided 40 different bifurcated syllabus and whole book with chapters shall be covered in the Diploma.
Download Bifurcated Syllabus Sample

The curriculum is divided weekly and all chapters are redesigned according to multiple intelligence. Training shall be provided on making a complete multiple intelligence curriculums.
Sample of Weekly bifurcation

An anecdotal record is "a written record kept in a positive tone of a child's progress based on milestones particular to that child's social, emotional, physical, aesthetic, and cognitive development,"
A wonderful Anecdotal record file shall be provided and a step by step guidance shall be provided on implementation of the same. Some sample pages are shown here..