- Diploma program on Multiple intelligences in Classroom and Blooms taxonomy at a glance
- I am a not a teacher. Should i do the course for identifying my child capability?
- Why this course is good
- How is the course / study material
- One teacher of our school has already done the course. Should i also do the course ?
- Is it difficult to do the course ?
- My age is above 50 should i do the course ?
- Will I get a teaching job after doing this course ?
- I am not teaching right now. Will this course help me ?
- Can I work and do the course at same time.
- When shall i start the course
- Is your diploma recognized internationally?
- What are the computer requirements to do the course

Answer :
Name of Diploma : Multiple intelligences in Classroom and Blooms taxonomy
Duration : 6 Months
No. of Modules : 6
Assignments : 6
No. of Tests : 2
Fee Instalments ( Special cases ) :3 Instalments- 1 month ( Rs. 2000 ) , 3 month ( Rs. 2000 ), 5 Month ( Rs. 1000 )
Extension for the completion : 6 months
Date of Dispatch of modules : 20 of every month

Answer : You are absolutely right. By doing this course the vision and Aim for your child shall be clear. Only 1% of the students otherwise are able to identify their inner potential and hence many people look for their intrest jobs. By doing this course your children shall be really proud of you.

Answer :Multiple Intelligence is a great way to access learners capabilities and then learner study through them. It makes studies more and more intresting.

Answer : Self-explanatory, interactive and focused study material

Answer : Yes. Don't you want to be the best teacher in the School.

Answer : No, it is very easy as the course design is in a very simplified form.

Answer : Yes. Teachers are learners for life and this course shall improve on teaching skills.

Answer : There is a huge demand of MIB trained teachers in the world. You shall be hand picked internatiolally after doing the course.You shall be in a great demand on a good salary on achieving the diploma.

Answer : This shall be a wonderful opportunity to learn at this time. You should be able to concentrate more on this course.

Answer : Yes. It shall make your teaching more interesting.

Answer : Any day and Anytime.

Answer : Yes

Answer :
Pentium IV or above
Internet connection
MS Word
PDF reader ( download from http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/ )
Pendrive ( backup )