SOE is a premier centre that has aimed to provide perfect resources on education for disseminating knowledge and skills among educators. SOE is a far-sighted endeavor to bring excellence in the field of education with a firm determination and commitment to foster a holistic approach towards the development of professional education. It is our dream to promote proficiency among educators so that they can be well committed towards their profession. Since long, SOE has been striving hard to inculcate knowledge and skills among educators by means of its journal based resources that have been widely used across globe.

SOE has started its Training Division that has dedicated itself to profession-oriented training in a stimulating process of learning, independent thinking and innovation. Through SOE Training Division, we dedicate our intellectual resources and expertise towards creating multi-skilled professionals in education with global perspective.

SOE based training programmes are among the best available, as they are designed keeping in mind the needs of the ever evolving educational practices.

The course curriculum and unique training activities prepare the trainees for the eventualities that they may likely face during the course of their profession. The course structure is planned in tune with the requirements of the education in changing global environment. The training modules cover the factors that shape the professionalism and the functional dimension of school management to develop leadership skill among educators. The programmes offered in SOE Training Division also incorporates workshops and professional exposures that provide an opportunity for trainees to consolidate and apply in a practice the knowledge and skills acquired during the training session.

We look forward to receive applicants who have the drive and commitment needed to complete an intensive training programme on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) and School Leadership (SL) so that they can contribute to the pursuit of knowledge and excellence in education by being well trained in the concepts and methods of the programmes.
Vishal Jain